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colour consults

Color is a non-verbal, visual expression of who we are, and it can alter our mood — good and bad.

It’s one of the most important elements in creating a mood for your interiors, and is often the

most frustrating and overwhelming task for many homeowners.

Templeton gray/ HC-161 BM

a modern deep tone gray that has complexity, with blue undertones being highlighted at different points of the day.

Gentlemans gray/ 2062-20 BM

a deep tone accent ceiling actually adds height to a space and lifts any room making the height seem infinite.

Swiss coffee/ OC-45 BM

a neutral off-white that works amazingly with both modern and classic furnishings.

To make the most of colour in your home

it’s all about how colours work in harmony with the light, space, architecture and furnishings in your space. Every home is unique with decor and personality.

what you get...

- A pre-appointment phone call to discuss your project

- this helps you to make the most of your time once in your home.

- A home visit to discuss your decorating plans, favourite colours and ideas, while      we assess the space, light and architecture of your room, all in a relaxed and informal  way.

- Following the consultation you will receive a written specification detailing    recommended colour schemes, wallpaper designs and finishes as well as a $80 voucher  for our painting services.

Our Rates

- Advice can be provided for approximately four rooms per hour,  depending on the complexity and scale of the rooms specified.

- In home consulting - $250 per hour.

- Skype consults          -$150 per hour.

- Remote consults      -$100 for a comprehensive package

                                          of no less than 3 options per hue.

 -photos of the space are mandatory for remote consults.

- The minimum appointment time per consultation is one hour,  additional time may be booked and is charged in 30 minute  increments.

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