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About Us

OCD is an Artist owned Mural Co-op.

Our talent, accessibility and outstanding care to every project

has us quickly growing into one of the industry leaders on the national scene.  

Built by people with passion, and for clients who expect something more.  

OCD is more interested in building relationships rather than being concerned about a few bucks.  

Each of our national brands are hiring us repeatedly and often because of our outstanding work and reasonable rates.


We always deliver an awesome project!


Most important to us, is that our company was built on the belief that artists should take home the grand portion of proceeds from the projects that they work hard on, instead of the other national companies who usually employ and grossly underpay the many talented folks in our industry.

Thanks for taking the time to view our site!


Benny Slay

Founder of THISISOCD llc


Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks, Jon Bon Jovi, Renee Zellweger,

Marc Ecko and Will Ferrell



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